What are the general findings of the research what did you find and what are those implications for an organization or particular market or service sector a key area which is also neglected is the recommendation section quite often online nursing thesis writing help I will look at the thesis as an external and I will say at best a paragraph now really to us an extent as academics we know the literature we know the different types of methodology?

we don't know how you can structure the theme so if you can do that you're going to get extra marks yes you can demonstrate your ability to summarize in a conclusion which should be approximately half a page but then comes the recommendations and this is the key part of your contribution it's your thumbprint it's what you can contribute to the bedrock of knowledge or your community of practice within that so recommendations and what I'm going to do is I'm going to show you a technique to make sure you can't just submit a paragraph so going back to the diagram of themes so this could be if we've got figure 1 there this would be to get to what you would create in here in your recommendations is a diagram and what you do you would have the theme for the issues that you've identified in your findings that are linked to your recommendations are well so what you've identified the problems.

How are you gonna what are you going to recommend what are your commercial viable recommendations that you can present to the organization or to the market sector so this is what professional bachelors thesis writing service I suggest students do you create another diagram cut your themes there you create an organizational structure with ST or s stands for strategic T stands for tactical or stands for operational so what I'm doing is I'm creating the diagram where you've identified the things we've got the organizational structure strategic senior management tactical middle management, operational frontline staff, on the frontline of the organization so what we have to do theme 1 what are our recommendations what are we going to recommend at a strategic level to resolve this problem what are we going to resolve or recommend at attacked Achill and at an operational now the reason I'm structuring it like that is any recommendation has to be brought in by the organization.