We'll go over some tips and tricks for you to make the most out of this split and how to climb to achieve your desired rank in your LoL Account . While everybody is at home, climbing is harder but not impossible, and our goal in this guide is to help you climb.

Pick a role and stick with it

The first thing a good League player should do is find a desired role. League of Legends is a difficult game, and by learning one of the five roles out there on the Rift, you reduce the material that you have to learn. It’s better to become great at a single role than it is to become mediocre at all five – no one wants a jack of all trades, master of none, right? If you have a difficult time choosing a role that fits you, give them a try out in Normal games. When there’s no pressure with Ranked, you’ll be able to get into the groove a whole lot easier.

Try to watch streamers that play at the highest level to see what you can become once you get good at your chosen position. Maybe you have a role-model player, someone you'd like to be as good as. Choosing a main position is one of the first things you should do in order to start the climb; but don’t switch roles too frequently as you risk setting yourself back several steps – you might have to relearn a lot of key mechanics just to grasp the basics again.

Know your champions

This seems like an obvious place to start, but knowing every single champion and what their abilities do can help you figure out synergies with your own favorite champions and help you counter your enemies’ picks.

For example, if you didn’t realize that the champion Yasuo can use his ultimate ability with a knock-up and played a champion like Alistar, who also has a knock-up ability, your team fights would not synergize as well. And if you didn’t know the champion you were playing against had a stun you would be behind from the beginning.

Riot comes out with a new champion every few months. Taking the time to learn all five abilities for 145 total champions adds up, but it will help you find victory on Summoner’s Rift when you encounter a character that isn’t well-known or popular.

Read the patch notes

One simple but effective way to inform yourself about the game is to keep tabs on the patch notes. Too often players don’t read the notes and have no idea what new champions do or what changes have been made to the game. Keeping up with the news is almost as important as learning your champions. You always need to keep on top of the game, and gather as much information you can, as one patch you might find your favourite champion nerfed to oblivion – and that won’t help you with your ladder climb.

Limit your daily grind

There are a lot of things in League that can go wrong. You might have a bad streak, you might not be feeling it, or you may just be having a rough day. For optimal climbing, you should limit how many games you play a day, and also how many days you play every week.

The reason for this is simple, you’re not going to play amazingly in every game if you play 10 games a day, 7 days a week. Things that happen in-game may make you tilt, or you may have a frustrating loss that could carry itself into the next game and make you perform worse. The whole premises of limiting the games played is to reduce the chances of things happening which can quickly snowball into a loss streak.

By playing, let’s say- up to 5 ranked games a day, you will reduce the snowball of your losing streak if things go wrong. You’ll also feel less fatigued and your performance shouldn’t see a dip as the day goes on.

Climbing the Ranked ladder in LoL isn't easy, but if you put some thought and tips into practice, along with commitment, you will climb those ranks before you know it. We hope you enjoyed reading our extensive guide on climb the League of Legends ladder or sell/buy League Accounts , there is no better feeling in the world of League of Legends players than having a high win ratio lol account in Diamond or Master elo, and here is a link to get further information https://lol.igvault.com/League-of-Legends-Accounts