Buy good quality  Dental disposable from  Skyloc Dentec


The dental disposable products line by Skyloc Dentec – a world-famous company in the manufacturing of medical and dental disposable items at online platforms has taken up this responsibility to  provide consumers with the option of a full, co-ordinated line of dental equipment. Our dental products, with state-of-the-art foreign comparisons, are manufactured in the best possible methods  with high quality raw materials, guaranteed by DISPOTECH, certified and, in some cases patented.


The list of available dental disposables includes other necessary products called Disposable head cap, which are 100% fresh out of the box new with high quality and 100% Guaranteed. These can also be used in homes, offices, Factories, Hotels, Bakery, Canteens, Clinics, Beauty Parlours, SPA’s, housekeeping, cleaning, hair color and dry apart from the medical use.


But the products are not just limited to disposable ice, disposable coloured napkins and bibs, disposable trays, disposable cups, haemostatic sponges, disposable ejectors, disposable cotton saliva rolls, disposable toothbrushes, disposable micro-applicators, denture boxes, disposable gowns, disposable dental masks, caps and gloves, intraoral tips, but we have much more to give.


Latex gloves are another important disposable dental product without which no med activity could be carried out. These usable Medical Examination Gloves are especially designed For Comfort Wrinkle-free Fitting while doing any med activity. These are Extremely Soft Rubber gloves that Reduces Finger Fatigue while wearing eventually Increases efficiency. It’s Best for Hands for  Surgeons, makes it a rigorous matter.


These Nitrile Latex Gloves are also available in odour free and powder free which makes them the safest choice for various different uses and purposes for the Dental Med Department. They are sterile premium made with high quality gloves which are suitable for medical and non-medical use as well. These gloves are ambidextrous and disposable which means that you can dispose of them right after use and throw them away. It's available in a pack of 50 to 100.


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