Therapy or Non-Therapy, This is the Dilemma-Edoardo Zollo


So really, the only qualification for going to therapy,

Is to be a normal human being "

Alain de Botton ) 

Here we are. Post-resource? Here I'm!

What are we 'talking about' today? If the title is not sufficiently explanatory, I will translate it into a question and answer: 

Question: Who is (psycho) therapy for?

Answer: For all. 

Or at least for all those who want to live their human experience well, for those who want to learn to live a balanced and conscious life, how to dissolve some mental, emotional, sub-conscious, sometimes intimate, hidden knots. Here, this post is for you.

Like every two weeks for some time now, I get out of the way and 'simply' propose you some resources related to a specific topic, which you will then use (or not) as you wish. In short, a bit like a parent, I try to facilitate your path, I show you one or more possible ways, then it's up to you to follow them and find (even with me if you want) your own way to follow them.

The topic is very close to my heart, because today the focus is precisely on my work, but to keep myself from giving lavish praise, I do it through links of a situation not connected to me but which I respect, for depth of thought, clarity and professional ability. I'm talking again about Alain De Botton's School Of Life, quoted at the opening of this post and other times on this blog.

First thing first , as they say in London, then the first video-resource in about three minutes clarifies the theme "who is psychotherapy for and what is it", in English, I hope you don't mind ...

The first link is an introduction, in reality it is part of a playlist of 8 videos in which the voice of Alain De Botton accompanies you in getting to know various luminaries and the basic theories of psychotherapy, starting from my friend Sigghy , in Freud art:

For those who perhaps come across this blog from Italy or for those who, for whatever reason, do not chew English, I propose a testimony of a person who has been in therapy and studied psychology herself. A testimony in which the author in a very genuine way explains in Italian who the therapy is for and how to approach it:

Then, at the end of the fair, as I often say, do it as you like, but do it. That is, the concept I would like to emphasize here is not psychotherapy itself but rather learning to know each other.

Getting to know each other to live your life to the full, a relatively peaceful and emotionally balanced life, in the best possible state of health for each of us, can go through paths of personal growth, through introspection, hypnosis, listening to podcasts, following channels youtube or other 'tutorial' videos, take courses, or, especially if you like one-to-one human interaction, through psychotherapy, counselling italiano a Londra

If you want more information or would like to have a chat without obligation, you can contact me here or through my social channels. I wait for you, see you next time.

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