Nowadays, smartphones can do everything for you; even they can help you to search for a perfect match with just one swipe. Tinder and Bumble are the two biggest online dating sites with many great features to meet the best local singles. If you have already checked out both the dating sites but are still confused about which dating site will be best for you to find your soulmate. Keep reading this guide because we will discuss all the information on Tinder vs Bumble.

Although both dating sites have the same services and purpose, they have some key differences? So, let’s look at the difference between Tinder vs Bumble users.

Differences Between Tinder vs Bumble

Tinder vs Bumble Comparison Tinder Vs Bumble

Tinder was founded in 2012 and is one of the most popular dating sites. This site offers a simple way to meet people online and helps to make real dates and real connections. Tinder is also good for those singles looking for casual romance, casual hookups, flirts, and friendship. In comparison, Bumble is very popular with all generations of women. On this site, women make the first move. This dating site is good for singles looking for serious relationships.

Both dating sites are popular sites for online dating among youngsters. You can access both dating sites via the help of any device, including a laptop and computer. Also, both dating sites allow you to link your social media profile to the online dating profile, specifically Spotify and Instagram.

But according to the various Tinder vs Bumble Reviewsboth sites have many key differences. So, scroll down below to know the side-by-side comparison between Tinder vs Bumble that will help you know who is the winner in online dating.

Facts about Tinder vs Bumble

1. Unique Facts  

All over the world, Tinder App has 57 million members. Whereas, Bumble has over 100 million users. Tinder App is free to download for mobile devices and compatible with Android and IOS devices. Whereas, on IOS Bumble dating site has 4.2-star ratings and nearly 500,000 reviews.

Tinder dating site uses a location-based matching system that makes a guarantee to meet a real-life- partner. In comparison, Bumble stands as a safe online dating community and as a dedicated building for users who want to build new relationships. 

2. Member Numbers

The tinder dating site has 250,000,000 members on their site. In comparison, Bumble has 100,000,000 members.  

3. Male to Female Ratio

On Tinder, there are 2 times more men than women. In contrast,  Bumble has about a 50/50 ratio of men and women.

4. Biggest Advantage

Tinder is the most popular online dating site in the US. This site is good for those singles looking for casual romance, casual hookups, flirts, and friendship. Apart from this, Bumble is the second most popular online dating app in the US  after Tinder. And, 72 percent of Bumble users are under the age of 35, So this site is good for those singles looking for more serious relationships.

5. Biggest Drawback

76% of users of Tinder are from urban areas, so if you are not within “dating distance,”  then this site is not good for you. On Bumble, the user pool is not as large as the Tinder site, so it takes little time to find a match on this site.

6. Average Sign Up Time

The average sign-up time of Tinder is 5 minutes, and the average sign-up time of Bumble is 3 minutes.

7. Cost

The per month cost of the Tinder site is $29.9/ month, whereas for Bumble is $13.33 / month. 

Interface and Profiles

Both dating sites try to let you meet your perfect match as soon as possible; they don’t bog you down with long questionnaires or lists of preferences the way some other dating apps do.

Tinder Profile just wants your name, age, gender, email, preferred age range, and local search radius size. Whereas Bumble wants your photo, name, age, and if you’re looking to date or just network and meet friends. Also, it asks you what gender you identify as for your life partner.

Premium Extras Tinder vs Bumble

All the dating apps and sites offer free trials for the sign-up process, but you will have to pay for the special features this site offers its users. Here we have discussed some special subscription features of Tinder vs Bumble. So, let’s start with Tinder vs Bumble Review for its features.

Tinder Premium Extra

Tinder offers its users two premium subscriptions options Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold.

Tinder Plus Features 

  • Unlimited likes and offers 5 super likes every day that initiates you are very interested in someone.
  • Unlimited Rewind- You can undo your last swipe accidentally if you swiped the wrong direction.
  • Offers a free boost each month that shows your profile to more users.
  • No ads while swiping the profile right and left for the matches.

Tinder Gold Features

  • It enables you to see who already likes your profile.
  • New Top Picks- Every day, you will get the list of top lists. 
  • One month’s cost of Tinder Plus is $19.99, and the cost of Tinder Gold is $29.99. Although as long as you will stay with it, the price may lower-down.

Bumble Premium Extra

Bumble offers its users two premium options Bumble boosts subscription and Bumble premium subscription.

Bumble Boost Subscription

As its name, it does not show your profile to more users; however, it offers you the following features:

  • Let you see who likes your profile.
  • Unlimited swipes
  • One spotlight per week
  • 5 super swipes per week
  • Extending match time and reconnecting you with the expired matches

Bumble Premium Subscription

It offers the following features:

  • Unlimited swipes
  • 1 Spotlight per week
  • 5 SuperSwipes per week
  • Provide some additional filters that you can apply to your matches.
  • Rematch (rematch with expired matches)

Best feature Tinder vs Bumble

Tinder Vs Bumble Comparison Tinder Vs Bumble logo

Tinder Site Features

1. Rewind

You can accidentally undo your last swipe if you swiped in the wrong direction.

2. 5 Super likes

In Tinder Plus, every day, you will get 5 free super likes. These super likes indicate that you are very interested in someone.

3. Monthly Boost

Boost puts your profile ahead of others in discovery for 30 minutes.

4. New Top Picks

Every day, you will get the list of top lists

5. Visible Likes

You can see who likes you.

Bumble Site Features

1. Beeline

This feature lets you see a list of other members who have liked your profile.

2. Match Extension

This feature is available on both a Bumble Boost and the Bumble Premium subscription. It gives you another 24 hours to contact a match before the match expires.

3. SuperSwipes

Super swipes are as super likes on Tinder. Superswipes enable you to show extra interest in someone.

4. BumbleBFF

If you do not like dating and want to use this site to find new friends. You just need to switch from the regular Bumble mode to BumbleBff mode to search for friends.

5. BumbleBizz

BumbleBizz is for people who are not looking for personal connections. This mode of Bumble focuses on making professional relationships.

Tinder vs Bumble Ratings

Screenshot Of Tinder Vs Bumble Rating Tinder Vs Bumble Rating list

Overall ratings and reviews of the dating sites help you decide whether you should use this site or not. So here is the list of the ratings on Tinder vs Bumble.

❖  Ratings of Tinder

Category Score
Features 8.0/10.0
Overall Quality Matches 7.0/10.0
Support 7.5 /10.0
Support 8.0/10.0
Ease Of Use 10.0/10.0
Overall 7.7/10.0
Tinder Rating Table

❖  Ratings of Bumble

Category Score
Features 8.5/10.0
Overall Matches 9.0/10.0
Support 8.7/10.0
Costs 8.5/10.0
Ease Of Use 8.5/10.0
Overall 8.5/10.0
Bumble Rating Table

Which Is Best for Women?

On the Tinder site, there are fewer women than men, so there are more chances to see women’s profiles quickly. On Bumble, women have hands-on control to send the messages first. So, overall, both Tinder and Bumble are good for women.

Which Is Best for Men?

On Bumble, there are fewer men than women, so there are more chances to see your profile. And on Bumble, women are forced to write the first messages; you don’t need to make much effort to approach a girl. So Bumble is better for guys.

Pros and Cons of Tinder vs Bumble

Pros of Tinder

  • Good for those singles seeking serious, long-term relationships, serious relationships, and deep connections.
  • This site is easy to get started with minimal profile information required.
  • You are free to download and use it via your phone (Android and iPhone)
  • The Tinder dating site has a vast number of members and definitely gives you the chance of getting more dinner dates and hookups.
  • This site requires little profile information while registering.

Pros of Bumble

  • Bumble is one of the most popular, safe, and useful dating sites for asexual individuals. Also, for those who want to avoid sexual interactions.
  • Keep women away from unsolicited and unwanted messages.
  • This app has an equal split and features for both male and female singles.
  • This site has a unique verification system and a quick and easy registration process.

Cons of Tinder

  • The app is not good for serious relationships.
  • This site does not provide much information about the matches before you meet and sometimes not even a short bio.
  • Only free members allow for limited likes, and the limit is set by an algorithm.

Cons of Bumble

  • This dating site does not have options for the LGBTQ community.
  •  After making your profile on Bumble, if you do not make any conversation, then your profile will be lost in 24 hours.
  • Search filters for matches are limited.


Through this guide, we have tried to give you all the important information about Tinder Vs Bumble. I am sure it will help you to decide which dating site will be good for you to make your experience of dating special.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Is Tinder or Bumble better for guys?     

Bumble is better for guys as there are fewer men than women on this site, so there are more chances to see your profile.

2. How is Tinder different from Bumble?

If you are looking for singles somewhere, Bumble is better than Tinder. On Bumble for login, you need to give your photo and enter your name and age. Whereas Tinder just wants your name, age, gender, email, preferred age range, and local search radius size. So, this was the significant difference between both of them.

3. Is Tinder or Bumble more popular?

According to the research study, Tinder has reported an audience reach of 7.86 million users in the United States. This data is making it the most popular online dating.

4. Is Bumble harder than Tinder?   

As Tinder has a huge number of users, you have to spend a lot of time swiping through a majority of people to find someone right for you. On the other hand, Bumble has specific popularity because it is a less popular app.

5. How would you rate Tinder Gold vs. Bumble Boost? Why?

In comparison to Tinder Gold, Bumble Boost is cheaper. Tinder Gold is expensive.

6. Is the quality of girls better on Bumble than on Tinder?    

If you are looking for a serious relationship, then Bumble is better than Tinder. On Bumble, there are higher-quality women. One of Tinder’s founders founded this app because he wanted to create a more “women-friendly” app.

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