Over yesteryear year, despite a lot of challenges to her business and livelihood, Emmy continues to be incredibly busy evolving her photography business and her art, refining her skill in shooting on film and capturing romantic imagery within beautiful settings.

I'm likely to let Emmy let you know more but we do hope you love these beautiful images, many of which were captured by Emmy on film, around I do…

"I started to shoot weddings on film right before Covid hit us in March this past year. After a long time from photography, I decided to come back with a new branch to my company."

"Film and analog photography was something I had attempted at university – the character of light and just how a chemical process can make images is magical in my experience."

"My dissertation was about this wonderful process, how light interacts and may be seen differently through various mediums."

"However for only shooting one wedding on film, the planet came to a standstill also it would be 9 months before I acquired my analog camera again. By this time my type of photography had evolved and I involved to attempt a rebrand which reflected the modification of style during my imagery."

"Following the choice to shoot on both digital and analog I approached, an attractive Georgian country house venue in North Yorkshire about curating a shoot inside their grounds. I'd been planning this shoot since before lockdown therefore it was very dear to my heart."

"I honestly had the very best team of suppliers aboard and your day from start to finish was magical. I even had tears in my eyes if this all joined together and I realized my hopes for my rebrand shoot had materialized, also it was even much better than I could ever have imagined."

"It's no secret that I love destination weddings, having not traveled much during my early years. Using travel and elegance as our biggest inspiration we planned an Italian-themed shoot which embraced the architecture from the archways from the Fig House." Here

"This beautifully restored addition to Middleton Lodge is a venue hidden within the walled garden. It has rustic brick walls, lush botanical interiors, and also the most amazing floor to ceiling windows allowing the area to be flooded with sunlight."

"Inspired by Italian photographer, Cinzia Bruschini's work, we created an alfresco dinner scenario just away from Fig House, rich with olive greens and vibrant colors reminiscent of the Mediterranean."

"Delicate fabrics and textures adorned the tables with fine olive sprigs placed upon the ornate crockery, filled with vintage silver cutlery which shimmered within the sunlight. Fine art calligraphy and bespoke watercolor paintings from the venue were placed between the settings before the table was carried out with the most stunning rippled glassware."

"Lace princess wedding dresses were introduced from FeelTimes. As a lover of conveying movement in photography, it had been a magical chance to experiment with these dresses which were perfectly aligned using the relaxed style from the day."

"Simple in color yet beautifully ornate, we'd a delightful dessert table developed by the girls at Where The Ribbon Ends. Their talent knows no bounds, nor does their generosity."

"Amy from managed to piece my ideas and mood boards together to create probably the most magical and delightful day I could have wanted. She is a pure genius and an efficient planner and stylist. We have worked together on numerous projects since, and I couldn't happen to be happier to possess her by my side on that day."

"Receiving my scans back in the lab would be a whirlwind of emotions. The film could be temperamental and also you never fully realize how the images can look. As I had hoped, they arrived on the scene just perfect and after this type of positive, affirming day I'm very happy to say that I happen to be shooting film at weddings since."

"My lovely couples realize that as a hybrid photographer, I shoot a complete gallery on digital in addition to significant moments on film that I have received some wonderful feedback."

"I am going to launch my full film packages where I'll be shooting weddings exclusively on film, which just would go to prove how popular this type of photography has become. Film photographs usually have quite a nostalgic, romantic feel, in addition to resulting in a more creamy, flattering color pattern. Sometimes I snap 10 film photographs alongside digital, sometimes I snap 100. Regardless, each one is a gift of light and my couples love receiving these as prints."

"I'd prefer to thank the entire team involved for creating probably the most elegant, Italian-inspired shoot and I am so happy with everyone's effort. It's correct that when the planet knocked us down, we fought back, joined together, and invested everything we'd to stay afloat."

"This day was proof of the fact that we're stronger like a community and also the wedding market is alive and full of unimaginable talent".

"Hopefully we'll have the ability to jet off for that real thing soon."

You can find out much more about Emmy and her incredible talent for photographing weddings, We are incredibly proud to recommend Emmy to anyone seeking to book one of the best wedding photographers available.

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