Heres what RS3 gold im starting with: 300gold. 32blues. 90crimson. 156greens. Now you tell me if that is accurate. (this is what I thought but when theres a better way TELL ME). 1. Get 54 more green charms subsequently use 512k using macaws. 2. Get about 80 longer crimsons and make pyrelords til 50. 3. (then I might use my RFD lamp, that ive been rescuing. 4. Go outside and literally kill myself getting 5447 gold charms to produce terrorbirds til 68. Note: these are the ideal numbers, but I have not calculated the exp from forming scrolls from the pouches. I dont find this a huge deal until the wopping 5447 gold charms, which may be reduced to a actual quantity of 5200. This is where you come in. I want to know if there's a better means to do so, or if my way is the very best way, and when it's flaws. Sorry about that run-on sentence. Thank you everyone.

Okay I already got all the necessity to perform while guthix sleeps and began it, thanks to Shmoe for telling me that skill to train and increase. But however I heard I have to fight balance elemental that's lv 450+. Are strong enough to manage it? Have d scimmy, dpp++, whip, granite plate, d leg, d sq shield, helm of neitiznot, d helm, red dragon hide place, rune c bow, glory ammy, can manage dragon gloves such as recipe for disaster. Able to throw ancient mage and iban blast (that is my current strategy to fight but dunno when it's even good enough). Also are there some safe place for range and mage? Which approach is best against equilibrium elemental? If array, which bolt is greatest?

I understand theres like a thousand themes on this, and a guide, but just rejoined and became a part and would love to know what I should do in order to get cash, or when I must train different skills for future cash earning. And I really don't have any cash to train my skills. I understand how to make money with my abilities, I just need to know which would be the best.

Members) - Killing Zamorak warriors, in the chaos tunnels, can make very good money. Zamorak warriors drop rune scimitars rather often, which can be marketed on the Grand Exchange for about 33k. They also fall rune daggers that may be sold for about 5k. Around 3/4 of the time, they will fall 100 coins and a different fall. They're buy RuneScape gold level 85 so if a player brings rune armour(or better), and a full inventory of bass(or better), he should be fine.