Even the Hunza Environmental Committee (HEC) was formed in December 1997 as a project of KADO.It can be a network answer into the civic needs of the growing vacationer and company towns in fundamental hunza hotels, at which at the lack of almost any municipal agency, the issue of sound waste disposal was getting worst fated and also there was no mechanism to arrest the circumstance and deal with the issue.

After first funding aid for start-up costs by AKF-UK/EU along with NORAD through AKCSP, and mobilization of community resources to create an endowment fund, the endeavor now adopts operations via user-fees and utilizes resources and collaborates with neighborhood associations for recognition raising partnerships, independent of any outside donor support.

HEC executes the first and only real municipal service in the nation. Its approach to solid waste control is more identifying in that it has used a complex approach by linking local voluntarism and technical capacity of a local NGO using the social responsibility of the individual industry when preserving closure co ordination & linkages using the local administration/government.

Nearly 90 percent of the customers are out of the industry network; shopkeepers, investors, cabins, hotelsand restaurants, barbershops, auto workshops etc.. Other customers include; Institutional/organizational customers like hospitals, offices, colleges, Colleges, banking institutions, Mosques/Community Centers etc. and also a few specific households near the roadsides are likewise users. Complete number of end users is now around 600 and 85 percent of them pay their user commission regularly.

Even the overall waste every day generated in central Hunza has been projected to be approximately 3,293 kg. It's estimated that HEC handles 50% of the entire waste generated at the region and also the remaining 50 percent of their good waste is thrown into the rivers, flows, water paths and also in the back yards posing grave threat to both human and animal health.