Dissertation in Education


What is the main reason why we have to write a dissertation paper? The most important benefit in writing a research paper is that students get to learn more things out of as seemingly ordinary topic. In that case, the values of the research paper will definitely influence the learning capacity of the readers. Therefore, it is only fitting that you choose an important topic. What topic can you suggest? We editius.com have been providing you with some tips how to choose a subject. However, to make it more specific, we will talk about dissertation in education for today’s article.



Dissertation in education is a simple research paper that will of course involve education as a topic. You should take time to realize what subject is very important and significant to discuss. Therefore, you should apply the same tips that we have provided to you before. If you have forgotten them, then here are the factors that you must consider: importance feasibility of the research, availability of the materials, significance to the target audience and your overall familiarity with the topic.


If you want to see some topics for education dissertation, then we will provide you a short list of them:


  • Education in the 21st century, how it has changed?
  • The availability of electronic media for educational purposes.
  • Distance learning through internet schooling.
  • What are the primary concerns of parents when it comes to their children’s education?
  • Why do a small number of students get to have a college degree?
  • The effect of peer pressure to the learning performance of an individual.


Now that you gave some topic choices, the next procedure is for you to gather research materials. You should always take time to look for materials that are reliable and easy to access. Therefore, you can use publications like journals, books and periodicals. You may also utilize some internet sites https://editius.com/proofreading-dissertation/  if they are really helpful with your research.


Start writing the chapters of your dissertation in education. As you already know, there are several of these chapters. The most important ones are abstract, introduction, literature review, methodology, data and analysis chapter, results, the discussion of results and the conclusion. Additional parts are also important such as cover page, table of contents, acknowledgments page and bibliography page.


You should also cite the resource materials that you used for the research. The available formats of referencing are Harvard, Chicago, Turabian, MLA and APA formats. The main processes are in-text citation, bibliography writing, pagination, and page formatting. Do not forget to proofread your work before submitting it.


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