What are you going to wear for the coming Halloween? In this coming annual Halloween time, how not to enjoy the addiction, quickly enjoy crazy charm, in Halloween how to make their modelling become personality, lovely, funny and distinctive, is a lovely cartoon animal dress up, or nifty little devil costume. Too exaggerated style is not suitable for nature, a little embellishment can, not only can wear a festive atmosphere, but also can promote the fashion of the model.

Halloween do not know how to wear school Cosplay, Halloween this day, Halloween costumes no matter how to wear will not go too far. There are a few pieces of cosplay that you can just pull out and wear instead of buying.

In fact, Halloween would like to dress up as a vampire, Halloween costumes choose more casual, slightly shabby dark color clothes plus a few holes, cut tassels, if it is too much trouble, buy a skeleton tight clothes is OK, or wear a casual, usually black and white dress, But makeup as a skeleton girl. Or buy a mask, once and for all.

Pirate costumes are popular with girls because they don't look too weird, but they fit in with the Halloween theme and are appropriate for Halloween. The weirder, the better.

Halloween costumes are not just monotonous big ghosts. The simplest ghost costume is made with a white sheet on top of the head and two holes cut for eyes. If you want to play a magician, put on black clothes and black pants, then put on a black hat, and hide a fluffy rabbit between the hat and the top of the head; The child put on white clothes and trousers, and tied a flashlight on his head on his back to dress up as a cherub; Some parents dress their children up as their favorite cartoon characters. Of course, Halloween is just one more reason for us to party, and the unusual look is a good chance to have fun with friends.