Go through the tower and get inside the castle walls. Within, you'll come across two guards in slumber who can be easily killed if they try to Elden Ring Items make their way up. There is a staircase to your left. However, instead walk underneath it and sneak through the barrels and take an attack at the guard who guards this zone. After you have defeated him, you have the freedom to steal hookclaws hidden in the back corner of the room.

Return to the staircase and make your way up to the platform on the top. Invaders will firebomb you to set off the barrels at the top of the staircase. Roll backwards before the explosion sets off, then run up the stairs to kill both of guards before they hit you with bombs. On this platform, you'll find a locked gate that we won't be able to access in the near future, but we can look at the right side of the door to see the Throwing Dagger x5.

Go around and climb the next set of stairs where you will come across a hallway that contains the Smoldering Butterfly 3 and buy Elden Ring Runes more explosive barrels to avoid. Kill the enemy ahead, then smash the debris behind you to reveal a second set of staircases. Kill an enemy at high up on the stairs. go down to pick up the Golden Rune [2] on the platform below.