If I could go back in time to when I was creating soft clay for gp, I'd have told myself to play Runescape in  buy OSRS Gold my limits. Money can come or take interest. Time spent enjoying Runescape is no time. I would not call myself super wealthy, but I have its nearly from floor selling and about 3b. Everything you said is what I would say. I have more money than I need right now so that I mainly only go around helping folks or doing dungeoneering for fun.

I never had a bill but my lender is more than a invoice. I really don't like taking a look at large numbers so that I instantly spend the amount on restocking for pvm like for old fashioned ovls pots etc and buying abilities for 99 or 120. Already obtained bis melee gear, which I bought with cash I made through pvming and good mage and ranged gear. I'm mostly broke because I always spend my cash on something expensive. However because I've everything I need I don't need the cashmoney nor do I feel broke.

If I am being honest here I really don't know. Largely I come online just to farm exp and quest points because I'm close to reach maxed and pursuit Cape with 380+- pursuit points. I already have everything I want for pvming. So runescape gameplay at this time is dull. Looking for a family active kind clan with a great deal of events and individuals really frightening in discord or ts. Want some friends. Not looking for a clan having a clan leader going for the big numbers of clan members.

I believe the largest difference is how you view Runescape. Before I'd riches which was my whole aim. When I play, I've purchased everything that's buyable, there are no things I need etc and at first I did not want to play anymore. I felt I had achieved everything there was (no self respecting cape because, eww, skills) and collecting honestly isn't that fun for me.

HOWEVER, now I have enjoyable playing. If I enjoy a boss I can kill it, even if the gain is garbage. If I like a costly ability (I love herblore) I can do it, and it does not even matter when I play economically. Wealth on RS is very similar to wealth irl. Is time. You no longer need to manager your own time so you could afford to buy or do certain things, you get to spend your time doing things you like, whatever the price, and that's really very enjoyable.

Not there yet but likely will not take long. Guess I will go comp and do logs like everyone else is doing. I feel you. I'm eventually planning to cheap RS gold max and then comp because I've simply purchased everything I really care about and having rares for no other motive than to make MORE money I do nothing with almost murdered Runescape for me.