Write the key part: this is where the "chicha" is. The main ideas at the "geographical" level are more or less in the middle of the post. If this part does not convince quickly the probabilities of generating some type of interaction go down infinitely. Don't be afraid to risk defending difficult positions (as long as they are well-argued). Even if someone gives you birth it is a good sign. Without criticism, you are not relevant. Or how @ristomejide would say in his Twitter bio: "If when you speak no one gets upset, that is because you have said absolutely nothing."


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Include internal and external links: whenever it makes sense it is good to include links within a post. There may even be cosmetic reasons for doing so. In most things it shows 2 things. On the one hand, you have the opportunity to recommend third-party content that shows that you have a good command of your field of knowledge. You offer an additional reading that the visitor without having gone through your article would never have discovered. This person will remember the source and will know how to value it in a positive way. On the other hand, you can include internal links as I am doing in this post also that allow a more detailed reading of certain aspects.

Write the final part of the post: the final part of the post is used to generate a “conversion”. The idea is that the reader of that article returns. You want it to generate some action such as subscribing to your blog or following you on Twitter so that in the future it also has access to your content. One way to do this is by announcing new related topics that may also be of interest to you. Another little trick is the creation of series of articles where not everything is told at once but is separated into several themes to generate recurring visits to the blog.

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Choose a question to generate conversation: the last lines of your post should be dedicated to a question that you ask the reader. A blog lives on the interaction of readers with each other and/or with the blogger. Generating comments helps generate more comments and with it, “fresh” content contributed by the people who visit your blog. In the question at the end, you ask the opinion of everyone who has read the article and wants to give it. One way to provoke comments is the publication of incomplete or participatory posts.

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Include an image: The image is like an anchor or magnet that makes it difficult for the user to escape quickly. A professional and quality photo reflects these attributes in an unconscious way to the quality of the article without having previously read it. Helps build trust to give the main content a shot. It is key to select appropriately when you want to generate a certain emotion on the part of the reader. Even more important is not to fall into a legal trap and "take Google photos." I estimate that more than 50% of bloggers think that the Internet is an anonymous space where you can make use of photos as you see fit. You have to be very careful since they can fall large fines through letters from lawyers. I recommend you be very careful with this issue.

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In this post, I have shared for the first time how I usually create most of my posts from an "operational" point of view. Each one has to go through the steps in such a way and at the end choose the order that best suits them.