I liked NH a Animal Crossing Items lot, but my interest really fell off after I received my island to five stars. I'd created each one these spaces full of stuff nobody can socialize with and a island full of villagers giving me exactly the same dialogue. The match gets to a point where material is adorned, the memorial is complete, and re-terraforming is merely tedious, and it loses its own charm and becomes a weed pulling simulator.

I still got 100 hours from it and I don't regret it, but I just feel like there is something more to be obtained from the game that the devs have not allowed me to experience.

I was worried about how much emphasis there appeared to be on crafting coming into ACNH, because I really don't enjoy crafting in matches, and so far my concerns were justified. I played daily until a few weeks back and there is just no forward push to the match which makes me need to log in and progress. I played New Leaf for many years and never tired of itand today I can not be fussed to even log in more than once a week. Also, COVID made me play a lot more in the start, although not having an away-from-home lunch break has truly made me play much less; it was an hour a day was developed in just for AC, and now it is not.

My daughter plays ACNL every day at this time, and I find myself missing a lot.

Honestly the biggest disappointment for me is how hollow all the villagers are. Landscaping and decorating obtained a wonderful increase this time, I had rather they focus on fleshing out our interactions with our villagers about another iteration.

I agreeit feels like villagers have just become set dressing at this point. They exist only to accommodate the player rather than feeling like actual characters who mainly want to do their own thing. There's also just eight villager personalities so you are buy Animal Crossing New Horizons Items guaranteed to get copies on your own town.