We all know the noble rock drake in Ark: Survival Evolved-when you make a mistake to poke near its lair, the huge disguised horror seems to be everywhere, which will not help your day. 

Once tamed, these are scaly land rover the sky-gliding gracefully throughout the air and skilfully climbing up steep rock walls. However, As mounts, they may be a bit clumsy-so this is the Mod that could reduce the size making it easier to maneuver. If you like Rock Drake, you can quickly buy it on the ArkRex website and also Buy ARK Items.
The aptly named Small Drake mod is a lot like Rock Drake, but 50% smaller. What size it loses increases swimming speed, climbing speed, sliding speed, and turning radius. Of course, you lose some health insurance and damage output, and you gain stamina – and, once the situation requires, you'll be able to still climb these little Fiat 500 Drakes over the cliff.

The custom saddle (without passenger seat) is obtainable at level 70, whilst the custom Tek saddle is accessible at level 85 (and there is no passenger seat). Buy Cheap ARK Survival Evolved Items can quickly solve this problem. Just like the large version, you can't tame the tiny drake-you need to steal an egg after which feed the infant with the venom purchased from knocking out a wild female little drake.

Using the mod, they are rare spawns on all maps, and you'll be able to see a report on spawn locations furnished by modder Hazender around the Steam Workshop.