Harden who was unable to play in the game on NBA 2K22 MT Wednesday due to an injury to his hamstring, has been a fascinating season. The nine-time All-Star isn't playing at the level of his MVP however, he's been looking better in the past few weeks since Kevin Durant went down with an injured MCL. 13. He was close to averaging a triple-double by scoring 25.0 scores, 11.5 assists, and 8.3 rebound per game over six games from January. 15 to 25.

It's difficult to gain attention when playing with The Oklahoma City Thunder right now however, Gilgeous-Alexander is continuing to establish his status as a player who is a franchise. The four-year veteran has scored 26.2 scores, 6.8 assists, and 5.0 rebounding in six games since the last update on January. 14.

Like Doncic, Gilgeous-Alexander still struggling to establish consistency in his shot. Gilgeous-Alexander is only able to connect on 42.4 percentage of field goal shots this year. The 23-year-old needs to get better at this area however, there's no issues with his current game. This is the sixth update for NBA 2K22 that has been released since the beginning in the season regular. The next update is expected to be out in two weeks starting on Feb. 11.

A brand new NBA 2k22 update was released today, on January 24, 2022 for the next generation of consoles (PS5, Xbox Series XS). As of now we have not received it appears that the NBA 2K22 updated patch notes for version 1.013 remain hidden however, some significant gameplay tweaks are evident. Because of the size that the patch is a major update, it might not receive the patch notes until later.

The latest-gen updates are available for both the PS4 as well as the Xbox One last April 8. This patch comes in version 1.10 which is believed to be an 17.5GB update for PS4. According to reports that it is expected that the Xbox One will feature a capacity of 30GB for storage.

A few players from 2K21 complained of an issue with nba 2k mt for sale team selection and jersey function in multiplayer mode. But the game's developers have not fixed them. Additionally, multiplayer in 2K22 will require you to play for a quarter of five minutes on a easy difficulty level. The issue, however, is only available to the next-generation 2K22 console models. Players who play on PCs and older devices haven't complained about this limitation. It's been four months since 2k's fix hasn't been made. the issue.