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Sportening, a mobile social network app that allows players to have access to forums, chat rooms and statistics and also assess players following games. It has also raised the $7 million amount of a seed funding round that also includes an investment through Real Madrid star Luka Modri?. The new social network seeks to connect fans to groups of fans for certain sports teams.

The company currently has 250,000 users , mainly of the US, UK and Italy and plans to recruit 6 million fans to join the platform by 2023. Sportening was established in Modri?'s native country of Croatia and was the first company that has received money from the soccer superstar according to an announcement in the press.

Modri? Winner of the 2018 Ballon d'Or award, joins Superbet Group founder Sacha Dragic, PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel's Clarium Capital and former Sequoia Capital Global Equities COO Ralph Ho as investors in Sportening. Sportening is primarily geared towards soccer fans, but plans to expand its service to accommodate basketball as well as American football fans , too.

The Green Lantern Corps used to wear identical suits, but they now have unique suits for each member and it has strengthened them more than ever before.

In the beginning of Green Lantern comics, the emerald knights were given near-identical costume. Through time, their costumes changed and changed. Find out why and how it made them stronger than they ever were as an individual group of united heroes.

It is well-known in the world of buy mut 22 coins comics that Green Lantern Corps act as an intergalactic force that protects the DC universe. Just like a police force has identical uniforms for their officers and employees, the Green Lantern Corps had matching uniforms for several years. The one thing that visually distinguished them from one another was the tiny cosmetic differences caused by the various alien races. As time passed and societies changed and changed, there was a need to adjustments.