Halfway through apprehending this non life, you find a portal site, and out pops Zanik PogChamp, and that she helps you apprehend the man. Eventually, you go to the council and they must turn him over to OSRS Gold government that -understandably- upsets Zanik. She awakens and console and you go to find her. At precisely the same time, they're taking the H.A.M representative back to the surface. He gets sniped with a pissed of Zanik and she ends up eluding the cities' police. It leads you to find her.

This is really where my favorite part of the narrative commences.it's a little part.a sweet part. It showcases the relationship between you the participant and Zanik. Now, this is the area where you can say something to her or sit with her. When I first played this exploration I recall looking at those options, and believing,"F**k yeah I want to sit with my best friend in all Gielinor and also have a lil chat" I was like 16 when I originally did this quest, I was rather unhappy and had no friends, so obviously, I make friends with a Cave Goblin and got emotionally attached, sue me, then it provides you the choice to say all sorts of things.or state nothing.

I said nothing initially and again today when I replayed it, you can do this three times while she vents into you I did every time until I managed to say something different. I chose to say nothing, she is not really asking for an answer, she's asking herself. Nothing was said by me. Then she says,"that I just.I do not know what came over me." She is hoping to understand. Cave goblins, in this case, are usually non-violent, like herself, she couldn't control himself. Zanik states,"I had been so angry. I mean, he tried to kill the children! All I could think of was that he had been trying to kill the children and he deserved to perish, and the council would not do it."

She's trying to warrant herself.and it's reasonable but the council made their pick. This is only one of my options that I get to choose. You can say,"Regardless of the council was correct","Yes, you're right" or my favorite alternative. "Yes, but you need to have admired the council." When you choose that Zanik agrees that you are right. She voiced that she wishes she hadn't done it. After that, it is possible to ask her"Do you want he was living nevertheless","Would you wish I had killed him?","Would you want the council murdered him?" OR:"You've killed H.A.M members before." I picked this because I wanted to cheap Runescape gold understand her remorse.