While gamers wait until the final Madden 22 coins Madden nfl 23 debut but there are a number of players the fanbase should keep an eye out for. Whether talking about quarterbacks who could be interesting for players to test out in Franchise mode, or possible dark horse candidates who could be a part of Madden Ultimate Team There are some quarterbacks who remain unnoticed and may be the perfect candidates for. Whether talking about veterans that might be trying to make a comeback, or newcomers looking to make their mark into Madden and the real NFL The quarterbacks listed here could be able to stand out from the crowd.

There is one name that's heading to the NFL that was a little too obvious to waste all of your time. Former Clemson Tigers' QB Trevor Lawrence was the first overall pick of the Jacksonville Jaguars and will undoubtedly be a star quarterback throughout Madden nfl 23. There's a good chance that his ratings are likely to be very similar the ones of Joe Burrow last year when he began his rookie campaign at the Cincinnati Bengals. He may be the only quarterback who starts the season with a rating of 80 or higher, considering the amount of love he seems to be by NFL Scouts. The question is , who's likely to be included among the quarterbacks to watch during Madden nfl 23.

Mac Jones Could Be A Spoiler In Madden nfl 23

Mac Jones went from being someone that cheap Mut 22 coins was believed to be an Top 5 pick in the draft, to being a flop to the New England Patriots. It may affect his capacity to be a starter in the actual NFL and it could be affecting his performance in Madden nfl 23. Jones is expected to begin his career in both worlds as a backup to Cam Newton. Just how long he'll stay the backup is anybody's guess. The fact that Bill Belichick was his first-round draft pick suggests that the team believes he's the quarterback of the future.