His 96 overall rating puts himself with other players with LeBron James and Kevin Durant, for the second-highest rating in NBA 2K22 MT the league. Giannis Antetokounmpo has the highest rating of all players by a 97-oVR score. Doncic is still trying to find his shooting style, but his ability to influence the game in other ways has made him a key player behind the Mavs' recent improvement.

The 22-year old is averaging 26.3 per game, 10.6 rebound, as well as 8.0 assists per game over the last nine games, despite shooting 42.5 percent from the field. Dallas is now 5th in the Western Conference with a 28-21 overall record. The team has a record of 10-3 over the last 13 games Doncic has played.

Harden who missed Wednesday's game because of an injury to his hamstrings, has experienced a thrilling season. The nine-time All-Star is not playing at his MVP level, but he's looked better after Kevin Durant went down with a sprained MCL on Jan. 13. He was close to averaging a triple-double in the form of 25.0 scores, 11.5 assists as well as 8.3 rebound per game over six games starting from January. 15-25.

It's difficult to gain attention when playing at The Oklahoma City Thunder right now However, Gilgeous Alexander continues to build his reputation as a player who is a franchise. The veteran of four years has scored 26.2 points, 6.8 assists as well as 5.0 rebounds in six games since the last update, on Jan. 14.

Like Doncic, Gilgeous-Alexander is still struggling to establish consistency in his shot. It's been a struggle for him to make 42.4 percent of field-goal attempt this time around. The 23-year-old needs to get more efficient in this area however there's no other complaints with his play at present. This marks the sixth update to NBA 2K22 from the start for the league's regular season. The next update is expected to be out in two weeks from Feb. 11.

A new NBA 2k22 update was released this morning, January 24, 2022, for next-generation consoles (PS5, Xbox Series X). Up to now, this update's NBA 2K22 updated patch notes for version 1.013 are not available but some crucial gameplay tweaks are evident. Because of the scope of the update, we might not receive the patch notes yet.

The latest generation updates to the PS4 as well as the Xbox One last April 8. It's version 1.10 and is said to is nba2king legit be a 17.5GB improvement for PS4. According to reports it is believed that this version of the Xbox One will feature a capacity of 30GB of storage.