Players will find Rudric around the graveyard located within Rethramis Border. You'll want to Lost Ark Gold Buy visit the southwest side in the tombyard.

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Rudric might appear to be something from an alternate world However, he was a high priest in the Holy Sacrian Empire. As the empire grew involved in dark magic, it also became the death of Rudric.

Taking on Rudric by yourself might seem attractive, but you'll be able to defeat him quicker if you have the advantage of numbers to your advantage. Even if you and your friends don't have to take on Rudric, there will always be players that want for ways to team up to get through the encounter faster.

No matter how you decide to approach Rudric, you should stack the potions and grenades that will enable you to keep your range advantage over the other players.

How can I access my your personal data in Lost Ark

Lost Ark is the latest MMO to burst onto the gaming scene , with tens of thousands of players embracing the game's exciting new release. It will be released officially on February. 11, but players have already been enjoying it by gaining early access.

One issue that many players encounter is having too many items that they have in their inventory. This can stop them from carrying any other useful items they discover on their adventures. Some items are worth keeping and dropping them is something that most players would like to avoid.

Starting off the Lost Ark journey three days before the other players isn't only the main benefit of the game's Founder's Pack. Purchasers will also receive a Northern Lawmaker skin set.

The Northern Lawmaker skin exclusive to those who buy the Gold and Platinum Founder's Packs. These cost $49.99 and $99.99 each. The skin comes in three colors: red white, and black. It is not possible for users to choose their preferred color and will be assigned one randomly when they open their Founder's Pack.

A purchase of one of the bundles will not suffice to make it available within the game But. You'll have to take the following steps to unlock it.

How do you get the Northern Lawmaker skin set in Lost Ark?

Buy this Founder's Pack.

Log into the game , and click on the icon of the box with an arrowpointing towards it.

This icon appears on the upper left corner of your screen.

Once you click on the box after which you'll look up the contents of your Founder's Pack, press on Claim.

Open up your Inventory.

Click right-click to open the Founder's Pack.

Choose Open.

The items in the pack will make their way into your inventory, including those skins, including the Lawmaker skin.

The Northern Lawmaker skin is made of four components, and you'll need to outfit all four parts to fully equip the skin.

All combat stats from Lost Ark explained

The numbers aren't flimsy and they spell disaster for your foes.

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Combat is the main element that happens in Lost Ark. This MMO action RPG sees your character progressing through the vast universe, taking on numerous enemies in the process.

Once your class and advanced course is selected, you're thrown into the world with several class skills to learn and master. The key to becoming the deadliest version of yourself is understanding how combat stats work. These are not the same as basic stats like Attack and Health and have greater impact when you improve them.

Here's everything you need to know about all six combat statistics in Lost Ark.


The Crit stats affect the Critical rate, and determines the amount of times you have critical attacks. The rate is the chance that your attacks are critical. It is interesting to note that your Crit statistic is not a factor on the amount of damage critical attacks cause (default is 100 percent).