I really don't think people hate Zanik as a personality right now, but has a issue with how Jagex is currently placing her she does fit into. The Mighty Fall is the ideal conclusion to OSRS Gold her story arc, especially if you choose to spare her. Her narrative should have just ended there with her top the Bandosian to recover Yu'biusk, to take her destiny in her own hands and providing"the Chosen Commander" a whole new meaning: not as a commander in the war of a god she despises, but as a commander of a man to reverse the past mistakes a tyrant had driven them. If Jagex wants to bring her back, I can even argue that this opens up the potential for a future Yu'biusk storyline.

Instead where she's quite out of place, then she kinda became this representative of the Underworld. About resisting a destiny, her entire story was about freedom and independence. Reducing her role to an emissary can only be described as"odd" at best. Like put her in a role she's nothing to do with if her narrative has a good conclusion? Then. She became the surface of the Bandosian digsite as well.

I wouldn't go so far as to say these developments ruin her characterization, but they seem unnecessary disappointing at worst. They serve no real purpose concerning character development, and only appeared to make a good end less gratifying than it would have been had the narrative ended right there at the Mighty Fall.

Jagex working on new AAA mmorpg, hopefully RuneScape: Remastered

Inspired by the history of games that are RS games of Jagex, it'll be a massive waste of cash, and will be discontinued within 1-2 decades. If you wonder RS3 development has slowed to a crawl, then this is the reason. I frankly think this might be make or break for Jagex, but I'm just being cynical. I believe that it's pretty undeniable that RS3 is on the decrease, given that the content droughts and frequency of events like DXP to try and retain some amount of player activity. OSRS includes a limited lifespan its playerbase exists almost exclusively because of nostalgia.

I'd be curious how many OSRS players had never played RuneScape prior to trying OSRS; definitely a few due to the simple fact that it's become a bit of a cultural phenomenon/icon but it can't be many. I imagine interest in a 13 year really grind-heavy, mostly obsolete old MMORPG running on a 20 year old spaghetti powered engine isn't very high among younger viewers that didn't grow up playing RuneScape to start with. Some sort of RuneScape Remastered or enlarged MMO set in the RuneScape world could be RuneScape's only hope. You're absolutely right about Jagex handling of every other game they've ever produced, so I optimistic.

Look at player counts games like cod, or steam amounts. Runescape generally has 20kish players online. Thats 24/7, many games dream of numbers like that. Just the games that are complete have more players. Can it be less than it'd sure, is it close to death? Not even near it. If you produce a match you hope is has even a fraction of the players. Look at buy RS gold wolcenthey had like 75k players around the first day and they didn't even envision or prepare that many players so the servers took a shit. Today Runescape averages less than 2k gamers.