We prefer writing with pens more than we enjoy typing on a key board or a digital screen. The sensation of holding a pen between our fingers, the gliding of a pen over a piece of paper, the smell of fresh ink and the tangible feeling of pouring words on a surface are reasons enough to never give up on pens. They have a personal and intimate feel about them. They are beautiful instruments capable of writing powerful words. A key board can never replace the beautiful feeling of writing with one’s own hands. Pens are excellent choices for gift items too. We can buy engraved pens in India with a person’s name beautifully marked on them. You have to pay a very small price for such exquisite pieces of art.


You can have a customized pen with name made for a loved one, and even yourself. Pens can be chosen as gift items on many occasions of joy. They have such a versatile nature and that is why, they are a perfect item to buy for someone as a present. The good thing about them is that they can be given to a person of any age. School kids can use them to sharpen their writing skills and older people can have them included in their collection of pens. You can purchase as many of them as you like from an online printing store. You will be amazed to know that pens are available in affordable ranges as well as, purchased at much higher rates than a student can ever afford. Meaning, there are budget friendly and luxurious pens available for customization.

If you have your father’s birthday coming in a few weeks, then make sure to surprise him with a wooden pen engraved with his name. He is probably going to get teary eyed at this adorable gesture from you. You can also attach a hand written sweet note with this gift to make it more memorable. On the occasion of your parents’ wedding anniversary, you can give them a set of pens printed with their name initials and their wedding date. They are going to love this gift a lot. Furthermore, you can give yourself a graduation gift by purchasing a golden pen with the date of your graduation engraved on it. You can even make it a tradition to buy a pen with a date printed on it for reaching every milestone successfully. 

Corporate companies buy customized pens for their prospective clients all the time to use these pens as corporate gift items. They also buy them for their employees as promotional gift items. It is a wonderful way to appreciate your employees and keep them motivated to do their best. You can have your company’ logo printed on these pens with each of their names printed on individual pens. You can buy such pens from a store like Printland.in. You can inquire about bulk ordering from them by writing to them on contactus@printland.in. You will be able to find many designs on their website.