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3D scanning has become an increasingly effective and popular way of capturing surface geometry due to strides made in accuracy and speed in both 3D scanners as well as point cloud data processing. The resultant measurement data can be highly dense allowing it to be processed in creative and useful ways. Of particular use is the ability to measure with great detail features and characteristics that previously were either extrapolated or simply excluded from conventionally obtained and sparse data.

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The complex 3D scanning software and huge data storage concerns may pose a challenge for manufacturers in the market.

The 3D scanning market share is expected to witness notable growth during the forecast period, owing to surge in need for highly accurate 3D scanning. Furthermore, ongoing technological advancements in 3D scanning have driven the growth of the market. Moreover, increased need to capture large volumes of 3D data for modelling and analysis is expected to propel the 3D scanning market growth during the forecast period.

However, high price of high-resolution 3D scanners paired with dependence of market growth on non-3D businesses are some of the prime factors that restrain the 3D scanning market. On the contrary, structured light-based 3D scanning and growing 3D printing market generating demand are expected to provide lucrative opportunities for the growth of the market during the forecast period.

List of Companies Profiled in the report:

  • Faro
  • Trimble
  • Topcon
  • Hexagon (Leica)
  • Nikon Metrology
  • Creaform (AMETEK)
  • Teledyne Optech
  • Z+F GmbH
  • Maptek
  • Kreon Technologies
  • Shapegrabber
  • Surphaser
  • Riegl
  • 3D Digital
  • Carl Zeiss
  • Other Players of Specific Interest can be added based on requirement

3D scanning can be especially beneficial for:

  • Airfoil shapes such as turbine and impeller blades
  • Organic geometry such as the human form, dental impressions, and archaeological artifacts
  • Contoured exteriors and interiors of automobiles
  • Any complex, non-prismatic geometry, with or without variable curvature

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Global 3D Laser Scanners Market Segmentation:

3D Laser Scanners Market, By Type

  • Handheld
  • Tripod Mounted
  • Automated & CMM-based
  • Desktop & Stationary

3D Laser Scanners Market, By Application

  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Medical and Healthcare
  • Architecture and Engineering
  • Oil and gas
  • Energy and Power
  • Automotive and Transportation
  • Manufacturing and Others

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