Language barrier- It is present between people who do not communicate in the same language or those that use the same language but don’t have the same proficiency article writer. If for instance a speaker uses technical terms or jargon that is not properly understood by the listener, the intended message fails to be received as required content writer for hire.

Physical barriers- They occur when a physical object hinders or obstructs communication from the being effective freelance writer for hire. For example, when a glass barrier or a wall is present between the speaker and the listener, the listener cannot comprehend what the speaker is saying computer science assignment help.

Attitudinal barriers-They are as a result of people holding different values and attitudes. For instance, in the case of an organisation, people have different perceptions of power and status theology assignment help. Some people tend to think that people of certain status such as the supervisors have power over staff such as allocation of duties, dismissal or even promotion of staff. This may lead to miscommunication between the leaders and their co-workers even before the communication takes place.


Noise barriers- They are unwanted sounds that interrupt or distorts the communication process and makes it ineffective saudi arabia assignment help
. For instance, when a person is called via mobile and the recipient of the call is in a noisy place, the message will be hard to understand as communication is interrupted (Lunenburg, 2010).