The "new" discovery about the expansion of Pokemon swords and shields, Isle of Armor, shocked some Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite players. Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield have an incredible number of players, lots of whom have chosen the game's pair of expansion: Isle of Armor and The Crown Tundra.

With this kind of large player base, players continue to "discover" things that many players know already and post the findings to Reddit, which attracts other players who're equally shocked. Players buy Shiny Pokemon and 6 IV Shiny Pokemon on the store. The result is which the post is usually taken to the top in the game's Reddit page.  

A player taken to Reddit recently revealed the giant Wailord can return to the Workout Sea even with being caught. For this player, it returns after the year. In the comments section, many individuals were surprised at this. At the same time, other comments indicated that Wailord returned months after his arrest, which gave the impression to confirm that this rebirth rate was random. 

Some players even said how the giant whale hasn't come back yet. In any case, many people have no way of knowing that Wailord has returned to the world after being arrested. Cheap Shiny Pokemon usually difficult to capture, players often choose to buy them. This is an important reason this position has gotten increasing attention.

For individuals who don't know: Wailord is a water-type Pokemon, which evolved from Wailmer's level 40 and introduced the 3rd generation, which is the best generation. As the name suggests, it is usually a whale it is huge. Based on Blue Whale, they have appeared in several games and anime, even though it is rarely utilized indirectly. However, its size and hard expression morph it into a favorite of many individuals.