After 24 months of development, has had a new world for players.

Initially, it was just players and users of the Ark series. Developers Freezy and Shelter both have different map development backgrounds. 

Although Freezy desired to create a world with all aspects of different maps to ensure players with limited budgets could fully use Ark, for Shelter, the tragic background prompted him to formulate Ark. Many players buy ARK Items on the shop. Because of these facts alone, the project invested a lot of effort and attention to detail. 

The map is twice how big is the popular DLC Ragnarok and possesses all standard biomes along with other special content, including Elpfalls or the Finto Plains & Forest. In addition, you will find there's Tekstadt, which can be larger than the DLC Extinction up to now known.

Although the map dimensions are large, it is designed to save resources. When the map is fully loaded, it appears very busy, with 15,000 dinospawns.

In addition to several hidden caves, these caves are abundant in resources and wonderful architectural attractions, besides 4 underground cities. As more exciting dungeons are still being created. In addition, all types of dinosaurs will be covered on the map, including the Phoenix or Reaper.

This map carries a higher altitude than every other existing map to understand more about and build, and also the airspace is just not empty, nevertheless it can be explored amongst the game. If you like games and want to get Cheap ARK Survival Evolved Items, please click here: