I said nothing initially and again today when I replayed it, you can do this three times while she vents into you I'd every time until I managed to OSRS Gold say something different. I chose to say nothing, she's not really asking for an answer, she is asking herself. Nothing was said by me. Then she says,"that I just.I do not know what came over me." She is hoping to comprehend. Cave goblins, in this scenario, are generally non-violent, like herself, she couldn't control herself. Zanik says,"I was so mad. I mean, he tried to kill the children! I could think of was that he had been attempting to kill the children and that he deserved to die, and the council would not do it."

She's trying to justify herself.and it is fair but the council left their pick. This is ONE of my choices that I get to choose. You can say,"No the council was right","Yes, you're correct" or my favourite alternative. "Yes, but you need to have respected the council." When you select that Zanik agrees that you are right. She voiced that she wishes she hadn't done it. Following that, you can ask her"Do you wish he was living still","Would you wish I'd killed him?","Do you want the council killed him?" OR:"You have killed H.A.M members " I picked this because I needed to understand her remorse.

She reminds you, it was about survival those times, it was them or her. Subsequently she notes:"This time, he'd been captured. It is completely different. I wish I hadn't done it" LIKE WHAT? How is Zanik not anyones' favorite character? He had been actively attempting to ruin her people, her activities are almost justified, but SHE realized.on her own possibly with her very best friend beside her, she had been wrong. Dead wrong and regrets it. Then you could as her.what do you wish had happened as a new alternative, I picked that then, and I chose it again, her response.is heartwarming.

She scoots closer to you and says:"I do not understand. I wish.I desire none of this had happened. I wish there were not any people who wanted to kill us. I wish we lived in a world where everyone could be happy and never fight one another." And your response? It could be"That world will never exist","That world would be boring!" Or"Someday, we will build that world." Before I keep at 16, I chose"Someday, we'll build that world" because I sympathized with Zanik, I was constantly bullied and in my mind, I wanted that people didn't hate me for being who I was. Perhaps it.

Maybe it's my age and wisdom gained over the span of about 10 almost 11 decades. I understand Zanik much more. I used to apologize, however I apologize and understand her much more and when re-reading what she said.and my possible response.I cried just like I did back then, just a bit. Therefore, after stating that to her, she says:"Yeah, maybe. It is just difficult to remain positive sometimes." I cried a bit more, because I sympathize with and understand that her strife. I imagine there are people in our social climate that feel the same exact manner that Zanik does, and it hurts me to consider. Maybe even more because they are human and Zanik is just a dope Cave Goblin but, it hurts to cheap Runescape gold believe anybody, could ever feel in this way.