Multi-Cloud has become more popular in this COVID era as it empowers IT industries. Let’s dive into detail to understand Why Are Businesses Screaming Multi-Cloud

The mainframe computing that began in the early 50s’ would allow multiple terminal ends to have access to a single central computer, which would eventually lead to the buzz that we hear today – multi-cloud.

The 70’s was when Virtual Machines came into existence, pushing the 80’s to make the term ‘client server’ to be widely used to define a compute model that would include access to a central server over LAN.

The late 90’s witnessed a tech giant (Salesforce) making enterprise applications available from websites.

And in the 2000’s and 2010’s ‘cloud’ became a widely used annotation of several high-tech centralized storage and accessible server over the internet. This is also when public and private clouds came into existence allowing large organizations to create ‘hybrid cloud’ infrastructures to take advantage of different architectures.

How to Find the Right Multi-Cloud Provider for your business?

  • Can your multi-cloud provider implement consistent data management policies across several, distinct clouds?
  • Will they be able to facilitate a smoother transitioning of inputs and outputs from different services?
  • What are their security measures?

These are the top 3 questions that you should ask any multi-cloud vendor before getting them onboard for business.

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