One of Animal Crossing's hottest characters is missing from New Horizons, and fans are wanting to see them return.

Of the many characters from past Animal Crossing games that fans wish to see return inside a future update, Brewster, the pigeon who runs The Roost cafe could be the most frequently requested. Nintendo looks like it's aware of just how much fans want him to come back, since there are numerous references towards the character with the exceptional cafes hanging around, for example in villager dialogue, furniture, as well as lines of code. Some fans expected Brewster to get adding in either the Fall or Winter updates since the colder seasons will be the perfect time for decent beverages.

Since he is one of the few NPCs you can meet, some fans hope Brewster will eventually return. Brewster was like a pigeon with a few words at first, but after talking to him, he not only drank some hot drinks but also obviously warmed up his players. The fact that players can sometimes get Cheap Animal Crossing Bells is actually just a reward. The part-time job function also provides a way to interact with villagers. The execution of the Animal Crossing game can make the game world come alive and come to life, Brewster and The Roost are a good combination, adding life to the town.

In fact, there are many hints about Brewster's finally come to New Horizons. On the one hand, data miners found references to museum cafes in the codes of New Horizon. This means that the cafe plans to come again in the future. Some villagers also mentioned Brewster's dialogue with Habitat. Interestingly, above these, Brewster's name and the name of the cafe are often emphasized as important names.

Of course, previous hints point people to The Roost being included in a Museum update, but that could happen to be an older plan that changed at some stage in development. Regardless of how it is done, the mounting evidence just has made fans more wanting to see a common pigeon barista join their New Horizons island eventually.