Last fall, a TV channel called SOFTDRINKTV posted a 14-minute video with the title "The Madden with the Worst Madden of madden 22 coins All Time," which was followed with a 19-minute version titled "Madden NFL 22 isn't Good - Review." They re-enter the same spot recently with a video that was titled "Everything Wrong with Madden NFL 22 (in 16 minutes)." The narrative of that video begins in a memorable way or even a bit dramatically: "This is the kind of game that causes you to want to stick on your eyes with a thumbtack. When the game is Madden 22, the gift of life becomes one of the worst curses. The game will make you no longer want to live. It triggers existential dread."

As with any subculture, Madden has its own slang. Precise throws will be "lasers" (self-explanatory). Most throws are described as a "dot" which means it's "dotted up" that has somehow evolved from "dart" (less clear). Additionally, solid defensive coverage was once "bagged," though recently, I've heard YouTubers commenting on being "booked." This is the only one that makes sense I can think of is "mossing" someone else and that's when the receiver jumps over a corner to catch the ball from the air, inspired to Randy Moss.

However, the hatred for Madden is just as big a part of the culture, even if it is a bit sexy at times. The Reddit r/Madden is entirely "rants" about the reasons why the game sucks, usually only a short video clip of a glitch or bug. The tag #Madden22 on TikTok is a mix of highlights, equal parts calling out busted plays that EA ought to fix.

But, of course, if hate a video game so frequently, why continue playing it every year?

In the case of Andrew Belton, Madden earns him his money. The game has been played since 2005 Madden but, most importantly streaming on YouTub since last year's Madden. The channel has increased to the point that the channel earns money from it. Enough to afford to move out of his parents' place and to a home in Brooklyn. (He also sells ebooks using Madden tips via his Patreon and estimates that it contributes a third to his revenue.)

The idea behind trash-talking doesn't start with cheap mut 22 coins Belton. While he's most likely the most prominent person doing this for Madden on YouTube for Madden, trash-talk videos are also popular in other sports games like NBA 2K. (Another video game Belton hates: "I thought Madden was excruciating however, 2K actually has me in a state of anger... I can't play it; this is how angry it makes me.")