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Hello, and welcome to another episode of borderlands stories from Ukraine. I'm here with Dave and Glen. We hope you will be joining us, but he's busy with important people right now as he says, and Glen is a well-known security expert in this region. So I will respect that, and hopefully, it comes on, but Dave just wanted to do a couple of things.

First of all, welcome everyone to this regular update that we've been doing on the situation. Ukraine. I just wanted to take a few moments to update everyone who's watching this on what the Borderlands foundation is and what we're doing. I've spent the last few weeks in Washington, DC. And one of the things that we are working on right now is turning the Borderlands foundation into a historical Ukrainian war foundation or think tank that will help us to study in-depth the impacts of the war on society in Ukraine, but also the lessons for that in the future for the US Army and US Ukraine, and really all the Western militaries that I think should really learn the lessons from this.

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