In my opinion, it's a lot of Nba 2k22 Mt fun. It's almost like the defensive approach on this one is not as good as it has been in the past. It's much easier to slide around the court and remain at home for your assignments this year. It's also refreshing to see fewer spectacular contact dunks this year. It was exhausting to watch 2k21.

Offensively shooting is slightly more difficult, but it's mostly because of the improved defense , not the mechanics of the shot meter. The passing ability is phenomenal in this case. It is easy to handle the ball. The gameplay has really just been fun for the short days when the game has been played.

2K22 reintroduces its tried-and-true shot meter following last year's radical change, and it feels like in general I'm making more open shots early in my character's evolution than I was in previous years. It's a bit gruelling to be an NBA player and not be able to make jumpers all the time, but I'm convinced that even players with lower ratings can help this time around.

I think they've identified something that they ought to take advantage of. I'd like them to lean into that instead of giving us all these sides-missions and sponsorships that are available in MyCareer. What's the reason for State Farm in this game? Are I purchasing insurance? Additionally, why does MyPlayer seem to be more excited about basketball than rapping?

It's fine in certain areas -- but that's buy nba 2k22 mt coins there's no State Farm matter. This is just odd. But rappingand fashion, sneaker endorsements , and all the rest perform in different spots. The game shouldn't be less about these things, and more about the incredible basketball game we're playing.