Lost Ark stands out in the league due to its massive sense of scale and surprisingly large amount of free content. This also includes many unique missions. One of the quests, called Rapport, requires you to interact with NPCs, who then offer you rewards. RPGStash will help you with the best Rapport you can find in the game.

what is lost ark rapport

You must do the same in Lost Ark's Rapport mission. Only the people involved here will be certain NPCs. Rapport is important because just interacting with a few NPCs will allow you to complete the main story and level up.

You will need to interact with certain NPCs in Arkesia to complete the Rapport quest in Lost Ark. By building good relationships with NPCs in the game, you'll get plenty of rewards including Lost Ark Gold. You can even unlock special greetings and dialogues to help you through the main story.

You'd better only interact with the best NPCs for useful items, as the Rapport quest will cost you a lot of time and effort. These items will help you along your journey and boost your stats. Rapport will also help you mine epic items.

Rapports have scale, and when you start building a Rapport with an NPC, you'll see five different stages of the Rapport when you interact with the NPC. Each stage in the Rapport system consists of multiple levels. The higher the level, the stronger the relationship.

 Rapport tasks are represented by pink exclamation points. Once you've unlocked a new level of rapport with your NPC, you'll see the marker again. When you see these pink exclamation marks, interact with them to access text options and unlock the character's backstory.

After completing a stage, you will unlock the rewards of the previous stage. The five stages of Rapport are Normal Stage, Amicable Stage, Friendly Stage, Trusted Stage, Affection Stage, and Affection Stage only for Ealyn and Sasha.

This is the highest stage of the relational system. There is only one level for you to complete. Complete this stage and you'll get a bunch of Epic items. This is the final stage of the rapport mission. Currently, emotional levels are only available for Ealyn and Sasha.

As you reach higher levels of rapport in the Lost Ark, you'll find that the NPC's Virtue attribute requirements are quite high. Therefore, you cannot continue to use NPCs until you meet the stat requirements.

You can view these stats in your character profile under the "Skins and Virtues" option. Virtue stats can be accomplished by doing more side quests, completing Una's quest reputation, earning collectibles, and of course, completing the Rapport phase.

To check your Rapport status, use ALT-N. You can also check connections to NPCs this way. Completing these stages will give you items like Wisdom, Charisma, Courage, and a Potion of Goodness.

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