Watching an associate or member of the family marry the love of their life's an attractive moment. Especially if you're one out of the few chosen to be a bridesmaid.

You get to be confused in planning and stand near to the couple round the special day. But what you wear — well, generally that’s the bride's choice.

A-line/Princess Long/Floor-Length Chiffon Bridesmaid Dresses With Pleated

Sometimes as it happens great so you love the gown and makeup chosen to meet your requirements. Other times… less. But hey, it’s her day, right?

So in the name of inspiration for future brides and bridesmaids (since we could finally attend weddings again), we spoke to women who have legitimately loved their bridesmaid's looks - some due to this they actually wore them again.

Whether it's the hairstyle, the makeup, the gown, or maybe the lot, they told us exactly why they liked these books a good deal.

"With probably the most chill bride, the majority of us chose our preferred dress color for the gorgeous linen wrap dresses. And then I did almost all our hair, everyone did their foundation and I did the remainder of their makeup. Not a professional whatsoever, love doing hair and makeup, along with the bride wanted us to 'look like ourselves but merely a little better."

"I was Maid of Honour inside my sister’s wedding along with the only bridesmaid. I wanted a dress-up costume that was modern and never typical of a bridesmaid to boost the theme of the wedding. I was also following a dress-up costume I could wear again.

"On every day I wore Dion Lee matched with open-toe nude heels. As the pleats in the gown were a statement around my own, I had loose waves and neutral makeup utilizing a peachy lip! For jewelry, I had drop earrings by Amber Sceats with gold-plated charms and freshwater pearls to boost my sister’s pearl earrings. I also wore several fine gold-toned rings and emerald green bridesmaid dresses.

"Although I loved the entire look, the gown was that is very special."