Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield have appeared on Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite for two years, and you can still find features that many players don't understand. 

For example, have you any idea what goes on once you click on the left joystick on Joy-Con while checking the overview of any given Pokemon? It will make animations. This is of course a small feature, yet it's a clue that lots of players don't know. Many players want to know how to get Shiny Pokemon quickly. Buy Cheap Shiny Pokemon at the pkmbuy.com store is a good choice. 

Now, inside of a popular post to the Pokemon Sword and Shield Reddit page, users have pointed this out and attached a video showing the animation of Obstagoon, composed of jumping on the player within the 3D-like fashion. According to the poster, these folks were unaware of this feature, so they were caught off guard if the feature occurred.

In the comments, many other users indicated that after playing for hours, they did not know if this feature existed. At the same time, some other people revealed that they were also afraid of them for the first time. 

The Pokemon community isn't the only place where this feature can be utilized. Discovery in connection with the expansion of Isle of Armor was discovered now, which stunned many players. Players are not easy to capture Shiny Pokemon in the game, so, they often like to buy Buy Shiny Pokemon. This happens in every Pokemon game.

Many years after its release, players can see many weirdness and features that do not exist. Unfortunately, because this year's Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl versions are just reprints of two existing games, this will not happen.