If you are a veteran Diablo 2 Resurrected player, you must have encountered this situation that amazing item you've been looking for forever, and then it is ethereal, which is a sad thing. But for some Cheap D2R Ladder Items, it can have the exact opposite effect. This guide will explain in detail which items you want to roll as ethereal in Diablo 2 Resurrected.

3 Socket Ethereal Great Hauberk For Treachery Runeword

For the three socketed armors, you're going to use that as a budget option for your active mercenary or any of the mercenaries now, but you can put a Treachery in that to get that fade to hopefully proc on your mercenary and also for the 45% increase attack speed. 

4 Great Ethereal Great Hauberk For Fortitude Runeword

With four socketed armors, you can use them to make Fortitude, which is the best in the slot for the ACT 2 mercenary, or you can use it on the ACT 5 mercenary as well. With the ethereal version, you get a lot of defense, and of course, with Runewords you get a lot of enhanced damage and all the resistances and some other stuff.
5 Socket Ethereal Spears or Polearms for Obedience Runeword

So another option for those ACT 2 mercenary weapons is the 5 open socketed spears and polearms. Because now with 2.4 Patch and the Ladder Season coming out, you can craft Obedience in spears too, now you want it to be ethereal for increased damage. 

Since ethereal items don't lose durability when equipped on your mercenary, Obedience is a great option for dealing a lot of damage to your ACT 2 mercenary, which, along with many other things, takes a devastating hit, and putting it in one of these elite ethereal bases will allow your ACT 2 mercenaries to deal insane damage to you.

Ethereal Paladin Shield for Exile Runeword

Now this one is one of the best shields you can get for your paladin if you're running something like a smiter and that's going to be Exile. For these you're hoping to find an ethereal paladin shield hopefully with a bunch of all res inherently on the base, this does go on your character and you're going to lose durability, but this rune has repair durability and it's one per four seconds so that's never going to run out on you. Putting this rune word in an excellent paladin ethereal base that has a huge high all res, is an incredible rune word to have on that paladin.

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