Most of the aspects of our lives today are governed by internet. Communication, banking, shopping, education or any other important are of life, we cannot image them working properly without the internet. Routers work as the mediator between internet and us and when it comes to routers. Xfinity is the name that comes to mind. Xfinity routers are the most commonly used routers. Although Xfinity routers ensure it can handle some bugs but sometimes you need to resolve it manually through some simple troubleshooting ways. There can be many issues that can arise like router not working, some light blinking or not being able to connect to any device.Xfinity router reset help resolves most of the issue. It brings the router back to its original configuration and hence removing any bugs that were present. Let’s have a look at the process to reset Xfinity router to factory settings. Follow the steps mentioned below.

Steps to reset Xfinity router:

 First, make sure you are connected to your xfinity network.
 Type in a web browser to go to admin tool and sign in.
 Now enter your username and password, if you have not changed it the default settings are as follows- username: admin, password: password.
 There would be five reset options once you navigate to troubleshooting, click on the Reset/Restore Gateway.
This will Factory reset Xfinity router. Most of the issues you have should be resolved through resetting the router. Sometimes these ways do not seem to work and you face trouble connecting to your router. It may be because of Xfinity Ethernet is not working. Make sure your power strip is turned on and all the cables are properly connected to a power source. If the issue was related to this, it should resolve by connecting the Ethernet cable directly to your computer.
Thereafter, you can restart your computer and re-test your connection. Let’s have a look at common troubleshooting ways when you find, Xfinity router not working.
 Restart your modem through My Account online, go to the internet services tab, scroll down to devices and select restart modem. Start troubleshooting which can take up to ten minutes.
 Ensure that your device is plugged in properly to a power source.

 Make sure your account is updated.
 Try moving closer to the Wi-Fi for better connectivity.
Follow the steps and process mentioned above and these should resolve any issues or errors your might be facing and bring the router back to proper working state.