You take pride in your car and will make sure it is clean. This likely means you visit an automatic car wash if you value your time. Automatic car was invented in order to save drivers money and time. With today's advanced drive-through wash technology, your car can be cleaned thoroughly and dressed in no time at all for as little as a cup 
automatic carwash machine

It might surprise you to learn that the first car wash was created in the early 20th century. In 1914, a few men in Detroit started the "Automated Laundry". Although it wasn't automated, a car was still there. However, the "Automated Laundry" featured an assembly line of attendants lining up in a tunnel. Each attendant had a different responsibility, such as soap, rinse, dry, etc., since the car was manually pushed through.

Automated car washing machines were already in use by the end of the 1950s. 1951 saw the birth of the first automated "hands-free", fully-automated car wash. Car washes have undergone many improvements since then.

You might be new to car ownership or have never used one before. Let's find out.

There are two types of automated washes available: roll-over or conveyor. Roll-over is where you drive into a bay, then stay still while the wash equipment moves by your car. These washes can be found at most gas stations and are often self-serve. Another style that most drivers know is the long tunnel, where your car is transported along a conveyor through a series synchronized machines.

Two different ways to clean a car with an automatic car wash are available. You might picture a car wash as a spinning soapy hula skirt and dangling tentacles sweeping past you. This method uses soft materials to clean your car. This soft-cloth car wash has been very popular and is highly effective. The old-fashioned "brushes", which were used in car washes in the past, have been replaced with soft materials. This makes the process much less aggressive and abrasive.

Another method used in car washes is "touchless", which uses high-pressure water jets combined with strong detergents to remove dirt. Although it avoids direct contact with the car, this method can leave some areas unclean as it doesn't wipe any surfaces. The chemicals can be quite harsh. automatic carwash machine

The overall process is the same regardless of whether you drive in or out, and whether high-pressure jets are used or soft-cloth friction. Let's have a look at the tunnel for a soft-cloth automated car wash.