Start to turn left from the summit of Elden Ring Runes the ladder and then follow the route that wraps all around the structure. Make use of Torrent's double jump to get across any gaps, be careful as there are some that are difficult to spot coming. There's a place of grace near the end of the trail.

The stairs to the north of the place of grace lead to the point of activation for the Radahn's Great Rune. To get the Godslayer's Greatsword go south and go down the stairs. Be on the lookout to see two Redmane soldiers near the bottom, and one is hidden in the corner.

What is next is an FromSoft classic that is as famous as Miyazaki's love for poison swamps: the classic "drop from the ledge and make your way to the bottom of a huge pit" set piece. (See also The Great Hollow, Majula, and the Hunter's Workshop). The route is pretty straightforward The first thing you need to do is the cage elevator, with the Redmane soldier in the guard, located just to the right of the starting point. The strut that is cracked in your path is likely to break under the weight of your body, but it's an event that is scripted, which means there's no harm from the fall , and this is the route you must follow.

Go up the elevator and then follow the corridor to the back of the tower. Make a detour to the ladder , and then open the door at buy Elden Ring Items the top. It's an easy way back to the final spot of grace. There's a monk in blackflame further down the hall with plenty of poise and threatening incantations however he shouldn't be any danger.