On  19th June 2022, the UP Lekhpal examination will be held. Are you studying for the UP Lekhpal test and looking for advice on how to succeed? Read it only once...

Few Pointers: 

  • Concise The Syllabus
  • Start with the fundamentals.
  • concentrate on the rural sector.
  • Don't neglect English and Maths.
  • Physical and mental health should be prioritised.


General Tips

  • Candidates must concentrate on their aim, study regularly, and prepare for the exam using a selection-oriented method in order to pass the Lekhpal Exam 2022.
  • Topic-by-topic research: Take one topic at a time and answer more questions about it to improve your exam performance.
  • Give sufficient time to review essential exam subjects after reading the entire curriculum. The revision technique focuses mostly on the Topic, which is your weak point. Pay less attention to the subject for which you have meticulously prepared.
  • Practise tests: When you've finished the syllabus, provide honest practice tests. It can help you identify your weak spots. During the remaining five days, concentrate on your weak spots.
  • Make an examination hall strategy based on your preparation. Choose the part that is both your strength and the quickest. Keep track of the time when answering questions.
  • Before you fill out your OMR forms, take one last look at the questions and double-check your responses.


In addition, you can go to Testwale and use their free Quizzes, Free Mock Test series, Free Sectional Tests, Sectional and Scholarship Tests to assist you to prepare for the Exam.