If you want, you can mix tracks using a portable Bluetooth speaker. However, most portable speakers are bass-heavy and don’t respond well to the full spectrum of music frequencies. Even if you purchase the best quality Bluetooth speakers, like the ones listed on HighShop, mixing on them would be extremely difficult to do.

Well, if you try to record tracks depending on the sound perceived from Bluetooth speakers, the recording will sound bad. In music studios, professionals use speakers with flat frequencies or ones that won’t eliminate anything to the sound on their own. So, sound engineers have to understand what they want and need to do to their recordings or mixes. And, this is not possible to achieve with a series of speakers that just colors the sound and even provide a limited sound stage. If you don’t have any other option than your Bluetooth speakers, you need to try using a proper pair of speakers with flat response and professional headphones set for recording. But still, the sound of that recording will not be as high-quality as the sound recorded in a studio.

For top-notch sound quality, it’s best to consider investing in the best quality speaker system for your studio. That’s how you can record high-quality recordings or tracks. After all, producing the best quality sound will help you gain a better reputation. According to my opinion, it’s best to invest in good quality sound and recording devices than relying on Bluetooth speakers -as they also have a lag on the recorded sound.