You must prepare a plan if you are going to take the SSC CHSL Exam. The exam will take place on May 24th. Candidates usually need to study the most in the final week before taking an exam. To pass the exam, candidates must adhere to appropriate SSC CHSL last-minute tips.

Here are some useful tips for SSC CHSL exam preparation:

  1. Before you start, make sure to stick with the section order.
  2. The most difficult and time-consuming questions should be saved at the end of each section.
  3. Don't get stuck on a question.
  4. Do not make assumptions.
  5. Avoid any stressful situations that may arise at the last moment.
  6. Avoid unnecessary conversations.
  7. Do not study too much during the last few days.


Let me suggest some low-cost resources to revise the entire syllabus

  1. Take the Mock Test Series Online: This will prepare you for the test.
  2. Practise Quizzes
  3. Complete the Sectional Test Series: Identify and focus on both your strengths and weaknesses. You might be able to identify and fix your weaknesses by completing the SSC CHSL Sectional Test Series.
  4. Practise P.Y.Q.: Studying the SSC CHSL Past Year Question Papers may help you understand the difficulty of the exam.


Because its study resources are all free, Testwale is a wonderful resource.

I hope you find this information helpful in your preparations. I wish you well in your upcoming SSC CHSL examination.