The latest version 1.3.2 of Pokemon Sword and Shield has been released on Nintendo Switch, bringing new changes to help improve the overall experience. Overall, the update is quite small, but players may notice the difference between online and local wireless battles.  

This update specifically solves the earlier problem which the Pokemon icon cannot be displayed correctly. In addition, version 1.3.2 also provides a few other fixes for making the game run more smoothly. Unfortunately, Nintendo and Pokemon Company never have yet detailed these, so this is just what we know.

Since the game was released in November 2019, Pokemon Sword and Shield have accumulated many loyal followers. PKMBuy is a professional Pokemon game store, welcome you buy cheap shiny pokemon to it.  The game has become one of the best-selling games on Switch, and fans have spent hours and hours exploring the Galar area. Therefore, players may solve several of the solved problems themselves!

Unfortunately, fans longing for a bigger update has to wait. It is not clear whether Game Freak and Nintendo will continue to support Sword and Shield through major updates. Last year, the title received two expansions of the DLC, adding new areas of exploration and new Pokemon. 

However, Pokemon: Brilliant Diamonds and Shiny Pearls will likely be released this year, and  Pokemon Legends: Arceus might be released in 2022. With the upcoming two major releases, the key updates to Sword and Shield may have passed. 

That being said, the action might be updated by these new versions to allow for players to accept earlier Pokemon into the Galar game. After all, you can some Pokemon which could not be obtained! Buy Shiny Pokemon is a good choice for players. For now, fans must wait to determine.