As with many indie developers, our first steps into the game industry was from playing around with game concepts and programming over many years before deciding to RS Gold create something that was playable!

I've had 10 years of experience at Google before I made the decision to switch to developing games full-time. Matt's work spans the construction of Hollywood computer systems for movie sets, as well as a stint in South Korean esports and mobile game development. We couldn't be more thrilled to share the progress we've made through This Means Warp.

A variety of video games have been a source of inspiration for aspiring developers to create their own. It's not often that you'll see an original work taken over by the same company that created the original game.

However, this was the case with Brendan Malcolm, the one-man team of Australian game developer Games By Malcs, whose idle RPG Melvor Idle is published by Jagex which is the developer of RuneScape which is a game which was the primary motive behind his own venture.

Melvor Idle strips away the 3D graphics and environments of RuneScape and other similar MMOs and reduces it to a simple idle game that relies on menus that lets players control their inventory, skills and quests. Engaging in combat and winning awards XP and loot, which can be put into any upgrade tree players prefer, and repeating actions like crafting or cutting wood can yield benefits of their own.

Malcolm has played RuneScape since he was a kid as well as dabbled in a variety of popular idle games like Clicker Heroes, Cookie Clicker and NGU Idle. Although he liked them but purchase osrs gold felt that the genre could have something else that was enjoyable in a manner similar as Jagex's most popular RPG.