From the roots of Elden Ring Runes the tree that run from the mainland towards the tower, you will find two ladders. One that has an enemy on it. It is best to take care of those in range here to avoid the risk of falling off. Follow the tree's root to the outcrop of top of the tower. Then, take the lower of the two ladders and then climb it up.

Do not go up the second step immediately following the first. Instead, you can use Torrent to double jump across the gap on the arched path to the right. Climb the ladder at the end of this route instead.

From the top of the ladder, and then follow the route that wraps round the tower. Use Torrent's double jump to cross any gaps being careful, as there are several that are difficult to discern. You'll find a site of grace at the end of the road.

The stairs located north of site of grace lead to the activation point of The Radahn's Great Rune. To get the Godslayer's Greatsword it is best to turn south and walk down the stairs. Watch out on two Redmane soldiers near the bottom, and one is hidden just around the corner.

What follows is what follows is a FromSoft feature that's as iconic as Miyazaki's love of poisonous swamps, the classic "drop from the ledge to the ledge before making your way to the bottom of a huge pit" set piece. (See as well The Great Hollow, Majula, and the Hunter's Workshop). It's a fairly simple path The first thing you need to do is the cage elevator that has a Redmane soldier guarding it which is just to the right of the starting point. The struts that are cracked on elden ring weapons for sale the path you're on will break under your weight, but it's an unscripted incident, meaning you'll not suffer any harm from the fall . That's the path you need to go down.