The concept of trash-talking wasn't born with Belton. While he's most likely the most prominent person doing this through YouTube for Madden but trash-talk videos are also popular in other sports games, such as NBA 2K. (Another kind of cheap madden 22 coins game Belton dislikes is: "I thought Madden was excruciating but 2K actually frustrates me... I'm unable to play; that's the way it irritates for me.")

For the channel, Belton plays several games per week and throws any games that are boring to post. The art of finding the right trash-talkers is an art of sorts. "I've noticed with these trash-talkers that the more rubbish they make up, the more obnoxious they do at playing," Belton says. For good videos, he requires an opponent to be good at the game and be as obnoxious as well.

However, besides making videos for YouTube, Belton does not play Madden for fun. A majority of his time is spent editing. The time for a game is less than an hour. Editing that video can take eight hours.

He tells me he's planning to create a channel in which he plays games.

"I am a huge fan of Call of Duty: Warzone. I'm trying to get back into Fortnite. I'm getting beat-up at every turn But I'm enjoying it. And then I want to try other games, like PC games, scary games, etc," he says.

But, unfortunately the game he's good at -the one where he consistently dominates the opposition -- is Madden.

I'm asking him if possible that he's become dissatisfied on the sport since it's his main source of income or if he believes the issue is the quality of the game.

"No you don't I think it's 100 percent because of Madden," he says. "If this weren't my job I wouldn't be playing the game at all.

It is difficult to believe that the Superbowl is already in the air. Superbowl LVI will take place on February 13 on Sunday and marks the 56th anniversary of one of sports' most sought-after championships in sports.

It is expected that the Big Game will feature the Cincinnati Bengals playing the Los Angelas Rams at Sofi Stadium. Incredibly, this will be only the second time ever in NFL tradition that one team will get to play at home during the Superbowl and this has taken place in back-to-back years. Madden 22 has already made their yearly Superbowl prediction and it is time to see if the predictions they predicted is going to come true.

With the size of Superbowl LVI and how much EA typically ties their player ratings to the performance of teams and athletes throughout the course of the season, there's an excellent chance that we may see some ratings boosts following the conclusion of Superbowl LVI.

If you look at the Los Angeles Ram's lineup in Madden 22 you'll observe that their players in offense don't really have the top overall ratings. In fact, the LA Rams have 2 players who are currently members of the Madden 99 Club, with these players being Aaron Donald and Jalen Ramsey. This is because the Rams offense is really where they are able to make Madden 22 ratings take a huge downwards to a tumbling.

Cooper Kupp is an absolute monster and is the main reason why he is rated an overall 97. Kupp is able to perform amazing routes and move into the open field even if the defense appears to be blocking him. Kupp is also among the most effective receivers in the NFL after he gets the ball because his tackling isn't difficult to master. But, as you move higher down on the roster of athletes after Cooper Kupp, the ratings sink into the mid-to-low 80s for players. Here are a few notable players on the Los Angeles Rams who don't possess that much of a Madden 22 , but they do have a

From the first look it is evident that there are notable players for their team LA Rams who are massive elements of this LA Rams offense with lower than average ratings. The players mentioned above have demonstrated over the last month of the NFL Playoffs that they are adept at swaying games in their favor and put them in a position more likely that they stand a better likelihood of winning in football. They Los Angeles Rams didn't make it to Superbowl LVI by luck, but they were successful because they have a very high-powered offense, which gives some of the top defensive teams in football.

Every single player on the Rams team during Superbowl LVI will be there in order to try and create an impact to win the game. Matthew Stafford can very well be the Superbowl's MVP and is one of cheap mut 22 coins many reasons behind why the Rams offense has been so powerful, but he only has an 83 overall rating in Madden 22. I wouldn't be surprised to see different players on the Rams experience some sort of rating boost following the conclusion the Superbowl LVI.