Most Successful Email Marketing Strategies 2022


One of the best effective ways that companies can communicate with their clients is through effective email marketing, yet most of the businesses don’t take advantage of these most successful email marketing strategies. Through email marketing, companies can reach their prospects, build and nurture strong customer relationships.


Preview optimization - While email marketing subjects are something that everyone is familiar with, the preview text is something most companies tend to overlook. If this element isn’t optimized, most email clients end up showing the first few lines of the body of the email as the preview text, which tends to result in irrelevant or low-quality text that doesn’t properly portray the contents of the email. This is the small amount of text that shows up beneath the subject line in the inbox folder of the recipient or their notifications on their smartphone.


Segmenting Subscribers - The goal of this email marketing strategy is to create email marketing campaigns that are going to be relevant and personal to every subscriber and to do that, companies also need to get an in-depth understanding of what the subscribers want and need. In addition, this strategy also helps companies to improve their overall email open rate and click-through rates. Businesses can create content that’s going to provide each segment with the information they need at every stage of the buying journey. Thinking about the problems that different segments are trying to solve helps companies decide which information each segment will need to influence their purchasing decision.


Unsubscribing - Whatever the reasons, companies shouldn’t take those unsubscribes personally, because if a business decides to continue sending them emails, it can result in lower returns and open rates, bad deliverability, and even the emails being reported as spam. 


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