How can I access my personal storage within Lost Ark

Lost Ark is the latest MMO to burst onto Lost Ark Gold Buy the scene with a plethora of players diving into the game's exciting new release. It will be released officially on Feb. 11, but players are already playing with early access.

A common problem players face is the issue of having too many items in their inventory, which can prevent their ability to carry other important things they may find during their adventures. Certain items are valuable and throwing them away is something everyone wants to avoid.

The good news is that accessing your own personal storage space in Lost Ark is simple. All you need to do is find the Storage Keeper, who is an NPC who has a big backpack. They're identified with an icon of a chest in the map of the game. So keep an eye out while searching the game. Chat with these characters to access your private storage space, which is a total of 180 slots at the moment. It is possible to increase the size by purchasing additional rows, however, the initial amount will be sufficient for players who are new to the game.

If you have a Crystalline Aura active, you can also access your private storage using your pet. All you need to do is access the pet's function to grant the same access as calling a Storage Keeper. The only downside is that you'll need the Crystalline Aura active, which is a premium item.

One also speaks of a "climb", an ascend to the top of the process. It is normal for the person falls off every now and sometimes.

Lost Ark has eliminated "bottlenecks" of other MMORPGs in the process of leveling

What makes Lost Ark different? There isn't a "climb" at all in Lost Ark, the leveling process is more like a slide inside a waterpark:

Lost Ark avoids the "lame beginning" by giving the player the opportunity to skip out on the prologue entirely while allowing him to start with level 10 and various skills so that it is possible to find and play an array of skills as early as.

There aren't any obstacles in quests. It is always clear when the next quest is going to take place. Quests are categorised in clear quest hubs that give the player a sense of traveling the world, quest through quest.

The changes in the landscape are swift The landscape changes quickly, and you're seldom on a stretch of land so long that you're tired of the landscape.

After a few hours , you start your first adventure in and dungeons. These are simple to conquer and where an automatic search for groups means that you will not be wasted.

The player has the option of making a decision earlier in the system as to which abilities are he looking to enhance and in what way and then observe the outcomes of these choices directly in the game.

Lost ARk lady

The loot system may not be a masterpiece during the leveling process, but the strange-looking relationship system or the relatively late-starting crafting system offer a different options.

In addition, Lost Ark is teeming with systems that indicate how much depth awaits you later in the game: There are map systems and complex collection of achievements, collectibles, quests and achievements that are around every turn.

It's also evident that players are offered "comfort upgrades" from the beginning, for example, a pet that picks up loot or a mount that dramatically increases the speed of movement. A teleport system that can be utilized at any time and costs little silver increases mobility , and also reduces expenditure, which has often been criticized in other games.