There's even more footage including Superlouis64 engaging in Elden Ring with the banana controller below. How he was able to Elden Ring Runes come up with this remarkable apparatus I'm not sure. It's difficult to imagine anyone else could surpass this in terms of sheer absurdity. What's next? Is someone defeating Radahn with a air fryer? (please anyone who is a masochist out there need to try this)Elden Ring's notorious difficulty is creating all kinds of crazy incidents from fans. In the past week, two speed runners completed the race in less than an hour.

Elden Ring: How to Locate the Elden Ring Waypoint Ruins

Elden Ring has many items spread across its expansive landscape, and many of them are placed in a way that is out of the player's reach in order to encourage exploration. With the inclusion of Torrent Elden Ring's magical mount, as well as a jump button, FromSoftware has become creative with its verticality and has placed many obscure items on top and beneath the player. One such item is found within Waypoint Ruins, in Western Limgrave, the opening section on the map. This guide will help players locate and acquire the rare crafting item to help them on their way.

The item can be found on the Waypoint Ruins, found east-northeast of the 'The First Step' Site of Grace it is found when the player has left the initial zone, and to the northwest of Mistwood Ruins. In the Mistwood Ruins, players can spot it on a dead body at the top of the ruins, located at a corner in close proximity to elden ring weapons for sale the Giant Poison Flower.